Character Lighting

Character Lighting and Rendering

Our Character Lighting and Rendering is the final process of creating the 3D images that are the basis of your animation. Lighting and Rendering is the method of creating a 2D image from a 3D model using 3D software. We at GameYan specializing in various 3D rendering techniques that commonly used including Ray tracing,Shading,Lighting, Radiosity and Scanline.

3D Character Lighting Setup
3D Lighting Artist
Character Shading

Character Lighting

GameYan Character Lighting your scene is a key step in the animation process. The exact same character with the same pose and expression can be seen in completely different ways depending on how they are lit. At GameYan, We choose the suitable type of light for the purpose, test render the lights and adjust them as needed.

3D Lighting Techniques

Character Shading

GameYan Characters Shading gives you great effect on the skin of the character, metal and cloth. Our Shading Solution combines off-line recomputed texture which describes how surface interacts with lighting and run-time per-pixel calculations to achieve both artistic control and excellent presentation.

Shading Game Character

Digital Lighting & Rendering
Character Lighting and Rendering Studio

Character Rendering

Rendering is requiring element or process to get the final quality output. Whether you are generating CGI or animation rendering process is must do process. 3D modelling, Texturing and Lighting output is depending on what kind of render settings you choose. Our 3D Character Rendering Studio have specialized 3D Rendering Manager who manage over all rendering process.

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