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SNUG is the product brand developed by HappyUnderwear. We developed 3D model of underweare with variation of its type and style with color option. This 3d animation video animation is work sample of 3d production animation and motion graphics included product package design. Our Character Modelers and artist skills are for character design, 3d modeling,…

RPG game asset for android and ios platform It is Low Poly 3D  RPG Game Assets. A simple asset pack of vehicles, buildings and props to create a cartoon city based game. Game assets is providing street / road design. GameYan Studio – art outsourcing studio for feature films and could work as production house to do…

GameYan Studio is 3d art and animation outsourcing studio in India which also involved in 2D or 3D Character Rigging, Modeling and Animation. Client: Alex Project: Game Development Category: 3D Development Country: USA

GameYan Studio – is game development company in India develop mobile, desktop, PS, PSVR, Xbox games. Project: Game Development Client:Ahmed Category: Concept Art Country: United Arab Emirates

GameYan outsourcing team deliver the for 3D character, modeler and assets for 3Ds max, 3Ds maya and High Polygon for Game Development. Project: Character Development Client: Janos Category: Game Development Country: USA

Very Cute and funny Bunny Cartoon Character design with detailed work in Matte painting of greenery GameYan Studio GameYan Matte Painting Design Studio provides great conceptual ideas and final Artwork Paintings for Game, Movie, Entertainment and Creative Industries. Client: Munyaradzi Feremenga Project: Short Movie Category: Movie Production Country: South Africa

Panther Animal is an example of Quadruped Character Modeling designed in powerful tools by GameYan Studio GameYan have capability to create 3D Cartoon, Semi Cartoonist, Creatures, Animals (Quadruped) 3D Character Models using tools like MAYA and ZBush. Client: Taron Project: 3D Modelling Category: Game Development Country: Canada

Mr Ford Realistic Human a biped Character Modeling designed in Maya by GameYan Animation Studio GameYan Studio is 3d art and animation outsourcing studio in India which also involved in game application development and movie production. Client: John Project: 3D Modelling Category: Game Development Country: Canada

Create your 3D Eve Lady Warrior Creature Character Modelling and Texturing by GameYan Studio. Our main focus is on the game character modeling and rigging, 3D game assets for Pre-Production and Post-Production for Movie and short films, cinematic video content, TV advertisement & commercials animation content and game development. Client: Akira Project: 3D Modelling Category:…

Create your Morn Cartoon Character Modelling and Animation with GameYan Studio. GameYan has done cloth simulation and Hair simulation in Maya 16 and detailed in Zbrush. Along with modelling and rigging, we did rig to this character as well. Client: Robert Jones Project: 3D Modelling Category: Animation Country: Canada

3D Mascot Character Modeling , Animation Rig done from GameYan – Game Development Studio. Film Animation with his Motion Capture. Rigged in Maya, Z Brush for the Character Modelling and Animation. This 3D Character Model is fully textured with lighting , shading and sculpturing. Client: Tom Project: 3D Modeling Category: Character Modeling Country: England

Our Creature warrior is ready to war with its sharp, very well designed sward and with stylish face mask. Varieties of 3D character models at GameYan for almost every category such as human, animal, cartoon and many more. Client: Josh Project: 3D Character Category: Game ART Country: Canada